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NTD - Recycling Tyres for the Construction Industry

Over 45 million tyres are discarded in Britain every year, most go into precious landfill sites. Every year the building industry uses millions of tons of aggregate to build roads, shore up banks and dozens of other uses. Northern Tyre Disposals has pioneered in Britain the use of old tyres in place of aggregate.
Raw materials

Northern Tyre Disposals takes old tyres whole and compresses them into bales. These bales are very stable, they do not break down and they do not contaminate the surrounding area. Because of the air spaces around the compressed tyres, the bales are ideal where water is involved. For example in the bottom of soak-aways ands SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). The bales are immensely strong, vehicles and heavy plant can safely drive over them. They have even been used in small rivers, building up levels until a road or path can be supported over the river. Rubber is also a good noise suppressant and it has been found that tyre bales built into embankments are very effective at deadening the sound of passing traffic for nearby residents.

Baled tyres being laidshim


If you want to know more about our tyre bales, which we have called URROs, standing for Used Rubber Recycling Operation, then please contact Mr Dennis Scott, who would be pleased to advise you on suitability, potential applications and existing uses. Telephone 01463 790033, Fax 01463 794400 or send an email by clicking on this link.
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